Review: ZipLine Gear Carabiners

By on July 12, 2014

If you are the active and sporty type, then you must know about carabiners. Carabiners are coupling links that have a safety closure feature. It is usually utilized by rock climbers, but it can also be used for attaching some accessories to the trolley of the zip line. It usually comes in an oval shape to make sure that the trolley is in its proper orientation. You can choose from several zipline gear carabiners.

Omega Pacific Carabiners

  • Locking Oval Carabiner

This type of carabiner is one of the standard locking types. This type of carabiner is made excellently that you can actually use it for different functions in zip line activities.

  • Pros
    • Oval shaped for even loading
    • Easy connection because of the wide gate opening
    • Has a twist lock feature
    • Strength comes at 4,950 lbs.
    • Very affordable
  • Con
    • It is too small for the Viper Cable Trolley
  • Oval Carabiner

This type of carabiner is the classic aluminum type. Its strength rating falls at 4,950 lbs. and it can be utilized with a numerous zip lines and outdoor activities.

  • Pros
    • Oval shaped
    • Gate opening is wide
    • Great for carrying accessories on a belt or a harness
    • Very inexpensive
  • Cons
    • Cannot be used as life support since it does not have any locking capabilities
    • It is not compatible with the Viper Cable Trolley
  • Steel D Screw Loc Carabiner

This carabiner is often used as a backup carabiner for numerous zip line systems. Among all the other carabiners, this is the most durable and heavy-duty carabiner.

  • Pros
    • Has a screw lock feature
    • Strength rating is at 14,600 lbs.
    • Wide gate opening
    • Very durable because of the all-steel finish
  • Con
    • More expensive than others

Steel D Quik Lok Carabiner

The Steel D Quik Lok Carabiner is used to connect anything that you may need to your zip line trolley. Since it is a locking carabiner as well, it can also be used as a backup carabiner that you can clip to your trolley to prevent any injury or fall in case there is a trolley failure.

  • Pros
    • Wide gate opening
    • Screw lock system
    • 14,600 lbs. strength rating
    • Very durable
  • Cons
    • Quite expensive

Omega Pacific Jake Keylock Carabiners

  • Screw-Lok Carabiner

This carabiner has a huge screwing lock that you can use very easily with one or both of your hands. This is ideal for zip lines because of the wide gate that it has.

  • Pros
    • Unique ear-shaped design allows you to position your load wherever you need it to go
    • Has a side swing gate
    • Will not snag while unclipping because of its unique keylock design
    • 5,170 lbs. strength rating
    • May be used for a Viper Zip Line Trolley
    • Reasonably priced
  • Quik-Lok Carabiner

This one of the best carabiner options that you have since it is equipped with a twist lock that is spring loaded and has a dual stage quick release system.

  • Pros
    • One of a kind ear-shape design permits you to place the load that you carry where you want it to go
    • Greater clearance because of the side swing gate
    • Very easy to use
    • The Quik – Lok system is quite speedy and locks as tight and as strong as the usual screw lock
    • Strength rating is at 5,170 lbs.
    • Useful with the Viper Zip Line Trolley as well
    • Pricier than the Screw-Lok carabiner but still very affordable

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for safety, durability, and functionality, then the carabiners under the Omega Pacific brand are the ones to choose. You can be rest assured that the key lock systems they are using are tested well, and the prices are not too expensive for the budget. Check them out

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