Why You May Want To Buy A Blackphone If You Are a Prepper

By on February 26, 2014



You may have heard of a new device recently called Blackphone. If your a prepper than this is a great phone for you.


The Blackphone runs on Android 4×4 using a private OS (operating system) which gives you access to different encryption services. The Blackphone comes to us from 2 companies Geekphone and Silent Circle. You can get the phone today for only $629. Silent Circle has a plan that will encrypt your current phone for $1500. If your interested it makes sense just getting the new phone.

What’s provided with BlackPhone

You will get encrypted messaging, encrypted OS system as well as safe 2 way calling.

Is it worth it

If your a security enthusiast, if you want your text messages secure and being safe minded that your phone is not hackable. Than for us preppers this may give some of you a peace of mind and make you more conformable if your interested in having a smartphone. Check out the hands on and more info below

Why You May Want To Buy A Blackphone If You Are a Prepper


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