Why a Camping Knife is Essential to Enjoying a Great Camping Trip and Why Most People Fail to Pack One

By on January 8, 2014

We’ve all heard the saying “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” and any experienced camper or outdoorsman knows that this is true for every trip you take to in the wilderness. Finding yourself a quality camping knife is essential to planning a successful trip whether you’re going solo or with a few of your family members. Providing for oneself is easy but the thought of having a family member suffer because of our lack of planning is just not acceptable. The necessary supplies people pack often exclude a quality knife.

Of course you’ll pack your food, it doesn’t need to be anything specific unless you are carrying it on your back then taking weight into consideration will be important. Along with food you’ll need water or at least access to water, shelter and your clothes. Most people have no problem getting these basics together and checking them off their list, these are the items we always need on a daily basis. What many people forget is that even if you’re camping someplace close to home in a highly developed area you still need to plan for the worst. No this is referring to Armageddon style planning with a gun and weeks of rations, but rather most people forget that emergencies can happen while on vacation as well. Let’s jump into why bringing an everyday carry knife camping is just as important as food and water on your list.

Those who aren’t experienced assume a knife only has use in cutting and slicing. However, most knife manufacturers are now building knives with the ability to start a fire. When you go out searching for the best edc knife for your trip chances are everything you need to get a camp fire going is built right into the blade and handle. 2014 has been seeing some of the coldest weather in recorded history and assuming you always have access to heat is definitely planning to fail. Stories about family members getting lost or losing access to their vehicles happen every few months.

Injuries have to be taken into consideration as well. If a family member has an open wound which needs bandage applied, cutting the first-aid materials may be necessary. You may also need to cut brush in case a pet or small child is falls into a hard to reach area. At times rope is necessary to tie down equipment or create shelter, you may not need a high-end blade but a sharp cut comes in handy more often than you think.

A knife has many uses in food preparation as well. It slices, it dices and oh yes it can even open containers your fingers can’t quite get into with such ease. If you plan to hunt at all during your camping trip, then you definitely know the value of having a knife for skinning and separating and you most certainly have one within arm’s reach while you read this.

So how essential is a knife to your success on a trip? There is no defined answer but in my top 5 list of essentials on any outdoor excursion you will certainly find a quality everyday carry survival knife. It is by and large the most important item aside from consumables and my clothes and shelter.

Ryan is an avid survivalist, hiker, and all around outdoorsman. He blogs about everyday carry knives and survival tips on his website knivesandsurvival.com He also loves bacon.

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