When disaster strikes, get on your folding bike

By on March 22, 2014

          There is no way you can predict when you are going to need your survival kit. The best you can do however is be prepared and make sure you have all your bases covered. Hopefully you will never need to use your kit but if you do it pays to ensure you have the essential items required to see through the worst that mother nature throws at you. Among the many items you have probably already stocked up on there is one that is often overlooked and could be considered essential, that is, a bicycle.

          Obviously storing a full sized bikes in your kit is not particularly practical and in most cases will need a regular check to make sure there is air in the tires and is in good working order. Not only that there is the chance the kids will borrow it and who knows where it will be when it is needed the most. A much more suitable option for your survival kit is a folding bike. Compact, lightweight and maintenance free these folding bikes come in a range of sizes with varying options depending on your needs. The high end folding bikes are fully equipped with multiple speed gear ratios, mudguards, luggage racks, a tool kit etc. The basic versions offer one gear ratio, are a bit heavier and bulky but will still serve the same purpose. Prices vary with options and size so there are folding bikes to suit any budget and requirement.  But why do you actually need one? In almost any situation except for a flood (where you would be better off with a fold up boat), folding bikes will allow you to quickly get from point A to point B whilst navigating around debris, closed roads and every other obstacle that becomes a challenge when disaster strikes.

          Say for example you need to check on a friend or relative in your neighborhood, you can jump on the bike and be where you need to be in a lot shorter time than by walking or running. This could mean the difference between them receiving timely medical attention and being ok, or not. Perhaps you and your family have weathered the ill effects of a hurricane or tornado but your family pet has freaked out and run away. Scouting your area on folding bikes looking for Rover is a lot more efficient and safer than aimlessly walking around looking for a distressed dog. Consider also the benefit of adding a bicycle powered generator to your kit. Even if you do not use the bike to ride outdoors you can still guarantee a power supply that is only limited by your level of fitness. 

          Fuel powered generators will eventually run dry and batteries will go flat but a source of power that can produced by pedal power alone will enable you to keep communication devices charged, heating devices powered and you might just tone up a bit in the process. It will also keep you active and in control of your situation so it’s not only good for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well. There are many things to consider for your survival kit but folding bikes shouldn’t just be a consideration, they should be part of every survival kit.

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