Whats the common differences are between a survival and tactical knife

By on January 17, 2014

With so many people wanting to know what the difference between a tactical knife and a survival knife, we thought it was about time that someone explained just what it is that makes these two knifes so different. So let’s start with explaining just a few of the characteristics and uses that these two different knifes have. There are a few different definitions of Tactical Knife and sometimes the difference can be quite small. But in this article, we will focus on the “factual” or “fighting” side of the tactical knife. Read on!

Tactical Knife

It can also be referred to as a fighting knife. It was designed as a way of inflicting an injury that could be lethal when two individuals became involved in a physical confrontation at short range. This knife usually has more than one military feature and was designed to be used in extreme situations. Being originally created for the sole purpose of being used in hand to hand combat. It was in World War I that the military service evolved the fighting knife or tactical knife into a dual purpose knife, which became suited for not only utility but also fighting roles. Which is why you may hear this knife called either a “fighting knife” or “tactical knife” as either name can be used. Tactical knifes have been used in one on one combat since Paleolithic times and were created as a fixed blade or the dagger as it was first called. Since then the tactical knife has been used throughout history, always remaining as a fixed blade but evolving all the time so that it could be used to penetrate different materials. It wasn’t until the 19th century that some of these tactical knifes became well known, take the Bowie knife for example.

So now let’s talk about the survival knife.

Survival Knife

A survival knife is a knife that has been designed with the sole purpose of being used in the wilderness. These types of knifes are also issued in the military, in case they end up finding themselves stranded and even pilots are issued with a survival knife in case their plane is shot down. Unlike the tactical knife, the survival knife is used for cutting wood and skinning animals among other things, and are generally used by hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and hunters alike. Most survival knifes are designed to fold up so they take up less room and are not so heavy to carry. But some are still designed to have a fixed blade which is heavy and thick. Some of them have even been designed with hollow handles so matches can be stored in them and they also serve a second purpose of being used for hunting as well. You can have survival knifes customized to incorporate certain features, such as a compass, or maybe a flat side to the blade so you can use it for splitting wood. Another difference between a survival knife and a tactical knife is the handle, and the different materials that are used to make it. Personal preference is what it comes down to though, with some people preferring a rubber handle to a wooden or metal one.

So the next time you hear a question bought up in conversation about the differences between a tactical knife and a survival knife, you will be able to let people know just what it is that makes these two knifes so different from one another. 

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