What Would Happen to the Police in an Apocalypse?

By on January 19, 2014

As people know police are the first responders when it comes to accidents and emergencies. What would happen to the police in an apocalypse really would depend on the preparation and training the departments have in terms of surviving an apocalypse, What would happen to the police in an Apocalypse?

Looking at the events that took place at the World Trade Center police that were on the line and were the first responders under went a lot of casualties when they attempted to help those who were trapped in the buildings. Many of them lost their lives. Police departments really vary in how prepared they are to face a serious emergency, and may not have all the equipment or training they need to successfully save their own lives in the event of some sort of catastrophe affecting the population.

 Police are actually training for a zombie apocalypse learn how the police are training here and this is an exercise that they are taking seriously. Not the police are in reality expecting to be attacked by zombies anytime soon, but it allows the officers to practice dodging bullets, administering aid to the populace and binding up wounds. It is a good scenario to practice in the event of a terrorist attack or some other attack that may be happening to the populace at any point in time. These are scenarios that allow police to practice what they would do in an apocalypse and allow them to train for the sorts of scenarios that could come about in terms of an attack by zombies or any other sort of people or entities, that would want to do harm to the population. Zombie apocalypse training is as good as any when it comes to training police and military individuals or a serious and catastrophic attack.

It is a bit of fun that actually allow police to train and take advantage of training that may help them to save their own or someone else’s life in the event of an apocalyptic attack. These are some important things that allow the police to do and be prepared for. Hundreds of police and military personnel participated in this mock attack staged in October of 2012. They had to not only medically treated the wounds but had to take the VIPS to be decontaminated. In the event of a chemical attack this may really take place.

Police may be subjected to all sorts of things in terms of an apocalyptic attack. They may suffer the effects of poisonous gas in the event of a terrorist attack or a major apocalyptic event that attacked the population. The more training the police have the more likely they will be able to survive an attack, and defend not only the population but themselves. It is very important that they remember their training, keep a cool and head, use their safety gear and try to survive at all costs. How well prepared they are could well determine their safety and their sanity in a real world attack. Police should remember the boy scout motto and always be prepared.

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