Turn Your Mobile Phone Into a Survival Tool

By on July 2, 2013


If you ever find yourself in a survival situation lost in the wilderness but you happen to have a phone. Well if you can use the phone to call for help than maybe some of these tips will help. If we take apart a mobile phone we will find some useful parts inside.


Here is a list of some parts we can use

LCD Screen
Metal Divider
Circuit Board


Here is the first useful tool we can make using the parts we are going to create a  fire starter




Items needed 

Wires (See arrows)
Kindling from environment

This process is quick so have all components close at hand. First, touch the wire to the positive and negative nodes on the battery. Almost instantly, the wire will become hot. This is when you’ll add the kindling. By touching these materials together the kindling should ignite.


The second tool we are going to be able to make using the left over parts is going to be a cutting tool.

cutting tool

Items needed for this tool

Circuit board
Metal divider
Rock from environment

Take one edge of the circuit board and sharpen it against a stone. Break off the metal mount by folding it back and forth while creasing it with the rock. These items can then be used as rudimentary cutting tools.


The third tool we can make using the LCD screen is a signal mirror.


Items needed

LCD Screen

Every phone screen is comprised of multiple mirror-like layers. To use the mirror as a signaling device, hold it up just below your eyes with one hand and with the other hold out a peace sign.


The fourth and final tool we are going to be able to make is going to be a compass.


Items needed

Steel wire (or a needle, or a seconds hand from a watch)
Leaf from environment
Puddle of water from environment

Extract the magnet from the speaker. Straighten the wire (needle, seconds hand, etc.) and rub one end against the magnet for a few seconds. This end of the wire is no magnetized.You’ll then place the wire on the leaf making sure it’s able to float in a puddle of water. The wire and the leaf will align so that the end you rubbed will point north.

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    December 27, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    And two days later you see that cell tower in the distance

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