Turn a Can Tab into a Survival Fish Hook

By on July 26, 2013


This is very easy and simple.  All the tools needed for this fish hook can be found on most multi tools.  It takes only a few minutes to create and you will have your self a survival fish hook

Step 1: Materials


can tab
wire cutters (or anything that can cut through metal)

Step 2: Shaping the hook

shapinghook shapinghook1

Cut an opening in the bottom hole in the tab.  Make sure that you cut in at a slant.  Then start cutting away as much metal as you can around the hook.  File the hook into a sharp point.  

Step 3: The back of the hook


Flip the tab around.  The top hole should be untouched.  This is where you will tie the line onto the hook.  File down the sharp edges in the hole.

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