Top 4 Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons

By on April 30, 2018

The first thing to know is that no weapon in the world will save you if you start shivering and look scared to the bone. This isn’t exactly a defense item, but it’s a defense mechanism and more important than weapons.  You have to be confident.  Most of the time a criminal will pick an easy target and if you appear confident you’re less likely to be targeted.

So, that’s out of the way, let’s get into how you can defend yourself with non-lethal self defense weapons. There are two ways you can get away from any thug. The first involves self-defense classes. That is a pretty viable option, but there’s always going to be beefy men that will overpower you. That’s where self defense weapons come into play. Are you wondering which weapons can get your out of a sticky situation? We’ve listed the top four down below:

  1. Pepper Sprays

Most women are familiar with pepper sprays and some carry it too. Pepper sprays are extremely effective and a straight spray to the face will probably send most thugs seeking cover. But, there might be some people that can regain their composure after being sprayed even though they’re practically blind. They might grab a hold of you and force you to the ground. That’s why you shouldn’t stick around. Run immediately and find a place with a lot of people like a restaurant and call the cops.

  1. Tactical Pens

Tactical Pens aren’t exactly lethal, but they’re good enough to thwart an attacker. All you need to do is stab the person with the pen. It is easier said than done because the pen requires close contact. A person with fast reflexes might be able to stop you. So, we suggest trying your “draw” and practice sleight of hand. This will allow you take them off guard and stab off anyone that comes into your clutches.

  1. Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are a good tool for women that have a bit of practice landing punches. Unlike other weapons on this list, brass knuckles require a lot of time to use successfully. It’s totally worth it though because a straight right hook to the attackers face will knock them out for good. This will give you more than enough time to run or call the cops.

  1. Tasers

The taser is a great weapon especially if you’re not going to stand face to face with the attacker. Using a taser isn’t just going to allow you to run; you can even just stand there and call for help because a guy that just got tasered won’t be able to stand up for a few minutes. But, if you think the guy is stirring to life, you can just rinse and repeat till help arrives. Be careful; the guy could have backup lurking in the corners.

The Conclusion

Just buying one of these weapons from Walmart doesn’t mean that you’re safe. You need to work on your skills. The most important one is controlling your nerves. If you’re shaking, a gun couldn’t save you even if the mugger is staring down the barrel. Train with someone. Practice your draw and try to be as discreet as possible. A good thug will counter you easily if he sees the weapon coming from a mile away.


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