This Type of Radio Could Save Your Life

By on March 28, 2015

Emergencies can happen any time. Perhaps you are driving in the middle of a snow storm and your car breaks down, or maybe you are stuck in the house because a hurricane destroyed the power lines in your area. Whatever the reason may be, weather can be a natural disaster that could leave you powerless and stranded for days or longer. So you need to be prepared by having a good emergency weather radio stored away someplace safe.

There are plenty of radios you can buy at the store which give you access to weather stations, but these are not specially made for emergencies. All they do is let you hear the radio and that is all. There are new emergency survival radios that come with a lot more features than just the radio. They provide you with a flashlight in the front of the radio so you can find your way in the dark during a power outage. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a separate flashlight in the middle of the dark. You will also be given up to the minute weather alerts from your favorite weather station.

One of the most important features of emergency weather radios is their solar power capability. The top of the radio contains solar cells that absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun in order to produce energy. Not only will this keep the radio powered up, but it also gives you the ability to charge up your Smartphone as well. That way you don’t have to depend on an outlet or computer to charge your Smartphone. Then you can keep trying to make phone calls to the power company in order to stay updated on the status of the outage. When you go to charge your mobile device with the radio, you have to turn a hand crank to keep the power flowing into it. This is sometimes called a “crank charger.” It may seem repetitive, but in an emergency you will surely be motivated to charge your Smartphone by using a crank.

Emergency weather radios do not use any batteries other than the internal Ni-MH battery which gets charged by the sun. This means you never have to run out and buy batteries again. Just make sure you periodically leave the radio out under the sun, so the battery can absorb enough energy and keep the radio in function. You don’t want to wait until a power outage to find out that you didn’t charge your radio’s battery. Plus if there is bad weather then you might not get direct sunlight to recharge the radio anytime soon. So always prepare by charging it beforehand. Then store it away in the garage or someplace safe to use for emergencies only. If you don’t have an emergency radio yet then head over to for a really nice selection.

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