The Monkey Fist Or The Patented Sharp Shooter Self Keychain?

By on September 27, 2014


If You are a prepper than you have or have seen and know about the monkey Fist.
Most of them only have a 3/4″ steel ball and are designed to go on a key chain though some contain larger balls. Yes slung shots technically illegal in many states! 

The Sharp Shooter keychain Is legal in all 50 states, making it a favorite with smart preppers.
Unlike most children Grand Master Moran spent his childhood training in martial arts and Survival camps and inventing self defense devices. The patented Sharp Shooter Self Defense keychain is a result of years of work. It is 4 devices in one tiny self defense keychain.

Master Moran cares about your safety and made his patented keychains super strong. Not only are they made with 550 para cord, but have super strong key rings that are real hard to break. 
The device comes with a free instruction DVD,pressure point self defense DVD, and a Pressure point Chart. All for only $12.95 US

Please visit his website | Your Survival Is Not An Option. You Get One Shot, Make It Count. Accurate, Effective, And Feared By Millions. The Sharp Shooter Keychain!

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