The Absolute Best Survival Firearm

By on August 29, 2014

I know that there is a “technique” to writing in order to get people to read the whole article. However, I just don’t like rules. So the absolute best survival firearm is the ________ ! (Fill in the blank)

Yeah, I know, it wasn’t what you were looking for. The fact is there is not one absolutely perfect firearm for all survival situations. This is assuming that a secret mad scientist or government agency hasn’t invented a handgun that is accurate at 25 yards, 1000 yards, has unlimited ammunition with no need to reload, has the ability to go from “stun” to “kill”, weighs less than a pound, completely silent and can take down a pheasant or an elephant while still leaving meat on the bones for dinner. The best survival firearm is one that fulfills the needs of your situation and possible situations in the future and probably equal if not more important, one that you are extremely familiar with operating, repairing, cleaning and carrying. So, we at have put together a “buyer’s guide” but we stress the need for your own research to determine your needs! (Don’t be that guy who buys a .50 cal because it’s cool, and you think that you can snipe at 1.3 miles away – but you’ve never fired a rifle)

  1. Hand gun – this will most likely be your “right hand”. Used for self-defense, or last resort firearm. One of the “hope I never have to use it, but have it for when I do” or”danger close” situations. You can find great polymer handguns that are reliable and have readily available parts. Find one that is simple to take down, put together and clean. Also, pick a gun that has widely used ammunition – this is key if you are in a situation where you may have to scavenge for ammo. With the margin of error paper thin in a defensive situation, our opinion is that this weapon has to be the one you are MOST familiar with. Practice, practice then practices again so that you know all of its intricacies. In the event you have to use, you do not want this one to fail.
  2. Rifle – There is a lot of debate in this one. From caliber to range, you can find that if you wanted, you could have one rifle per day of the year and still not feel fully prepared. In my opinion the rifle is the “work horse” of your line-up. Versatility and reliability are major factors. With customizations nearly endless our pick would be the 5.56/.223 caliber AR-15. If it’s good enough for militaries around the world well, it’s good enough for us. This rifle can be configured for almost any type of situation, but even the standard issue version is extremely versatile. Just be aware that the more customizations you make to the operation of the rifle, the narrower the range of versatility becomes. Barrel length, trigger, BCG (bold carrier group) gas tubes etc. can all affect round cycles, accuracy and even ammunition loads your gun will fire with consistency.
  3. Shotgun – I like to consider shotguns as one of those “do I need” type guns. Some people swear that this is your go to choice for survival. This, again, will depend on your need and use of the gun. The shorter the barrel, the wider your field of damage, but also the shorter your range. There are tons of ammunition loads for tons of uses. Your best bet, as with all of the weapons is to research what you will use it for. One plus to the shotgun is that in the event that you run out of ammunition (provided you have powder and shells) you can make ammunition out of just about anything lying around the house. This obviously is NOT recommended due to safety hazards but in a life threatening situation, you may have no choice. Don’t believe us? Check out Demolition Ranch on YouTube. These guys are nuts, and if you watch carefully, they don’t always pull the trigger themselves. They use a not-so-sophisticated string method. Again, not recommended, but preparation for all scenarios.

Knowing your weapon, knowing your usage and proper training are the most important factors of being prepared. Even the top of the line, most accurate or most expensive weapon is rendered nearly useless if you don’t have the right application or training. If your weapon fails in a critical moment and you don’t have the experience or the know how to recover could mean your life. There is no substitution for training and knowledge! This is a good starting point, but there are many variables to consider when choosing your survival firearm. Research, research, research! Then, train, train, train!



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