Survival in the City

By on November 12, 2013


As many people know, New York has faced hurricanes the past two years. There is a large difference to a survival guide out in nature compared to surviving the craziness of severe storms in the city. Many people think it would be really easy, but what happens when you don’t have power or heat, no one around you has power or heat and you have no way to get anywhere else except to walk dark, empty, dangerous streets?

You Will Survive, You Need to Think Differently Though

You can survive this pretty easily actually, but you need to be prepared in some similar ways to being in the outdoors, and in others very different. For instance, instead of wanting a satellite phone, you will need extra chargers for your cell phone. A satellite phone is great when you are in a place that you know won’t receive normal cell service, but when you’re in a major city, cell companies lose money every day their towers are down or not functioning. Cell companies are forced to refund customers for those days that they could not provide service so that is going to be one of the first things that gets fixed in the event of a disaster in the city. One other thing you may want in the event of flooding is a boat as that provides the best possible place to be in a flooded New York. The problem with yachts is that most people can’t afford them.

So You’ve Got a Phone, but Who Cares?

The importance of having a phone is that you can easily call others, friends and family, which may be in better situation than you are. You will still need some of the standard survival gear like warm blankets, batteries, flashlights, bottled water, and food. You should also fill your bathtub with water before the storm in case you lose water or water pressure. Obviously this is not drinkable water, but you can use it fill your toilet in the event that you lose water pressure because no one wants to find another place for a toilet in the middle of a metropolis.

What Else Do You Need?

So you have the essentials and you have your phone, but you have nothing to do if you lose power. You may also want to purchase a second battery for a laptop if you have one or several companies make chargers for laptops that can be used via a USB port to provide power. You want movies and probably some alcohol if you drink. You definitely want candles and books and any other kind of non-electric activity you are fond of. Menorah candles are by far the best candles to buy if you are in the city because they burn for a very long time and they are remarkably cheap.

The Last Thing to Know

If you find yourself in a situation where your whole neighborhood has no power or heat, which is exactly what happened in New York last year, from the southern part of Midtown to Battery Park. You have your phone and a charger so start calling friends and family that live near you, but not in your neighborhood. In the event of an emergency, any friend will put you up on their couch or in a guest room for a few days and that way you’re not stuck alone in the cold and dark. Also, you should travel in groups in the city when there is no power. Keep these things in mind and you will be set for the metropolis disaster, which is so often not considered, but is happening more and more frequently.




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