Sure-Line Evacuation Equipment: A Look at Some Potentially Life Saving Chairs

By on October 23, 2014

Sure-Line is a company specializing in the design and production of evacuation and rescues equipment. While certainly the sort of thing one might hope to never need, in the proper context Sure-Line’s products have the potential to be (literal) life savers. Producing a wide range of products suited to emergencies of various types, Sure-Line’s catalogue includes evacuation chairs, ramps for wheelchair access, emergency evacuation aids, stretchers, bariatric solutions for overweight people who require evacuations, and immobilizers and splints to help prevent further damage to broken or fractured bones.

The Evacuation Chair

An evacuation chair is not an everyday item for most people. But this seemingly simple device can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Evacuation chairs are chairs with wheels on the bottom, and these allow a person to push another person along in the chair without having to support any of their weight. In an emergency or rescue situation, this allows an able bodied person to easily assist a disabled or unconscious individual who may not be capable of properly responding to the situation.

With the help of an evacuation chair, even the most unlikely candidates can find themselves being made heroes. Because the evacuation chair supports the weight of the person being rescued or assisted, even individuals with limited upper body strength who could not hope to support another individual’s weight are capable of transporting another person to a safe location. Even if the rescuer is sufficiently capable of supporting their weight, the assistance of an evacuation chair relieves substantial strain and allows them to better focus on the task at hand.

Type Of Evacuation Chairs

Sure-Line offers a wide selection of different evacuation chairs from which to choose. Simple models such as their EGO are highly intuitive and easy to work with. Simply unfold the chair, place the person in the chair, attach seat belt, tilt the EGO onto its two wheels, and you’re off! If you prefer something with a little more stability, Sure-Line’s catalogue includes plenty of four-wheeled selections, such as the Versa Elite. The Versa Elite includes other features for stability and support as well, such as a four-point harness and cushioned arm rests.

Upright versions of the evacuation chair are also available, such as the Gobex GEC line, which features permanently deployed wheels to provided increased structural integrity of the entire unit. The GEC line also features telescopic and pull down handles, enabling the chair’s handles to be configured at will by the user to set the appropriate height.

Highly advanced offerings are also available which conquer tricky areas, especially stairs, with exceptional capability. For example, the Xpert / CD7 Evacuation Chair is designed to tackle stairs with its very intriguing design. The integrated Descent Control System which, combined with the chairs low centre of gravity, keeps it stable and supported on its way down the stairs, allowing it to be immune to sharp shocks or shifting loads. Instead, the CD7 provides a smooth descent, keeping the passenger free from jostling about.

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