Streamlight Stylus Pro Pen Flashlight Review

By on January 16, 2018

All of us have their thing they geek out about firearms, accessories, knives, etc. I geek out with regards to Light-emitting diode Pen flashlights. I will never have sufficient flashlights and finds it very difficult not to purchase one when I come across a brand new, one at the store. Due to my occupation, I take a flashlight on me daily and depend on it very heavily. Years back I started out utilizing a penlight as a result of the convenient size, but soon afterward became frustrated with their lack of illumination and durability.

Therefore, I went to carry out a midsize flashlight. The bulky nature of this magnitude of a flashlight was beginning to annoy me. A good friend of mine and I were cleaning some firearms when he pulled the Streamlight Guru Pen Light. I was amazed at the brightness of the tiny light pen and asked him if I could have a look at it. He told me his opinion of it, and the price and I decided to give it a go. I chose my Streamlight up in a local store for about $25 but discovered it at a lesser amount.

This Streamlight Stylus Pro Pen is very light-weight and compact, I do not notice it when I’m carrying it out, and it’s been in my pocket daily for the last six months. I remarkably praise the quality of a pocket clip which Streamlight made. With the regular use, I set my lights and my pocket knives the pocket clip doesn’t hold up for long. For most, the pocket may not be an essential part of the item to bother about.

However, I’m not always working at the upright position, I’m on the floor, crawling over and under objects, scaling ladders, I’m on the move for the majority of my day. I don’t have to think about my mild falling out throughout the work day; it’ll remain exactly where I place it. In this penlight, the tension of the pocket clip has stayed only as strong as the first day I purchased it.

The 50,000-hour Light-emitting diode has recorded a production of 65 lumens, although it seems to be considerably brighter when I use it. I Streamlight Penbelieve this is thanks to what the producer calls for a micro-optical system that’s supposed to maximize the lumen output. The goal of light is composed of unbreakable polycarbonate. In my experience, the lens also seems to be scratch resistant. Following the continuous usage, in and out movement action of taking it out of my pocket and it rubbing up against my pocket knife, hasn’t put one visible scratch on the lens in 6 months of using it.

There are two ways on the pen’s light. Momentary on and complete on. You may press and hold the button for the length of time which you need light or depress entirely the button to keep the light on. There’s not any lockout mode to maintain the light while in your pocket, that is a beautiful feature to conserve battery life. On the other hand, the button on this mild takes quite a bit of pressure to depress into the on style. Due to this, I’ve not had the light come on once while stowed away in my pocket.

With regards to flashlights that I have, all of them have to get one thing in common. The need to use standard batteries. Those are the kind of batteries which you can select up at any given store, relatively cheap. Mainly AA and AAA batteries. This pen light uses two AAA batteries and has a recorded run time of six hours. In my use of it, I’ve discovered, I change the batteries about every three weeks.

Apparently, I do not run continuously the batteries down entirely. Once I see a substantial output in lumens, I’ll change the batteries. Utilizing equipment with these kinds batteries makes charging these batteries considerably easier, mainly if you need to scrounge to them in some emergency. The last quality that this light has that I need is that it’s watertight. I haven’t worked up the courage to submerge the mild, but it’s gotten doused lots in the time I’ve used it, with no unwanted effects. I give this pen light five out of five stars because of its durability, affordability and light output.

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