Storm Shelter Survival

By on October 22, 2017

Torando and Storm Shelters

Whether it’s a swarm of Zombies reigning down from the sky, or mother nature twisting tornadoes through your neighborhood, when it’s time to take cover, you better be ready!

Being prepared for the worst is the only way to truly be ready, having your bug out bag packed, and supplies properly stored will ensure your survival. So, what’s the best way to store your supplies?

It’s my belief that an underground bunker or storm shelter is there perfect place to start. Anything that can survive an EF5 Tornado can handle the gnawing gums of the walking dead. These shelters typically come in above ground and below ground variations and my preference is below ground because if you are going to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, you might as well prepare for bombs and tornadoes.

The underground variations will keep you out of the clear path of the walking dead and the twisting winds of a tornado. Heck, if we come under attack by some foreign enemy it can double as a bomb shelter, protecting you from shrapnel and flying debris. These storm shelters come in various sizes as well and can be fully customized to fit your needs. I want a couch and a fridge in mine, a gun safe, bathroom, and satellite communications, but I’ll take a bench and a peephole to start.

It’s often advised that you install a wench internally that can operate the lid should anything of substantial weight fall on top of it. Car batteries are often stored inside and left on a trickle charger to maintain power during an emergency. Having a lockbox with some survival supplies is also recommended. This could include rations, ammo, gold, knives, rope, and anything else that might be of value come D-Day. We were checking out a site from some guys that build storm shelters in Oklahoma City and I have to say I was pretty impressed!

These structures are custom designed to outlast the end of the world, they are tried and true and with a few D-Day modifications I could see these being the end all bunker of al bunkers. Imagine a retractable Gatling gun (or other guns the government doesn’t want you to own) with .50 caliber ant-zombie rounds in them, a missile defense system, a kitchen, PlayStation, keg, and a strip pole. Seriously though, a few modifications like these could make this the best storm/survival shelter in the entire world!

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