Pocket Sized: Shotgun Cartridge Holder

By on September 10, 2013


This is a 98%* waterproof holder for anything that fits in it, suitable for everything that fits in: money, matches, cotton thread/needles, emergency fishing equipment…. the uses are many & almost endless. 

*98% because in 100 situations 2 might just so happen to let in water, it all depends, it’s definitely splash proof! and will survive being under water for a good while

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools


You will need: 


-Two spent shotgun shells (if you don’t have a shotgun, you can always pick up ones left by shooters at a hide, or just wherever they frequent) (You could try a live cartridge if you really want. 😉 (I’ve dissected about 3, or 4 which shooters have dropped))


-Knife, or scissors 
-Pen (Optional) 
-Two hands

Step 2: Cut ’em up!

step2 ste2 st2 s2 2

(Optional) Mark with the pen about 1cm. from the top, or from the point that the edge is ruffled, on both cartridges. 

-Then cut off the top. (With your favourite knife, or scissors 😉 )

-Now cut a slit down one cartridge on both sides. -remember, you only need to do it to one cartridge

Step 3: 2-in-1

step3 ste3 ste3 st3 s3 3

Now slide the cartridge that you cut the slits in, into the other cartridge, make minor adjustments so it’s straight/square. 

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