Self-Defense With Crossbows

By on January 25, 2015

By Ivan of Premium Crossbows

When you think of crossbows, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

It probably isn’t self defense, instead it’s probably sports shooting or hunting.

But for those rare few, that use crossbows as personal self defense, it’s an excellent way to protect yourself effectively and efficiently.

Lets back up a little though.

For all those states where there’s strict gun laws, crossbows are an excellent alternative.

And I’ll explain why right below.

Constantly buying ammo really does add up, and like I mentioned above if your states “hates” you for getting guns (aka local gun enforcement), you can use the same bolt from that crossbow over and over and over again, more importantly, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a crossbow just to make it effective.

How does spending less than $300 on a crossbow sound, and make it powerful enough to knock down a grizzly bear (with the right combination of bolt and broadhead.) One GREAT example of a crossbow that’s killing it in the consumer market for multiple reasons is the Barnett Jackal.

A few good reasons for it is the $250-$300 price point.

It’s pretty light weight and compact for that matter, at about 6 lbs.

It comes with a nice, red dot sight which is MUCH better for self defense because you’re most of the time aiming close range.

It may be a little awkward carrying it around with a strap, but placing it on the back window or trunk is ideal.

Or maybe even at home in the downstairs close or by the bed side have the cocking rope mounted and ready to be cocked in a moments notice.

(Remember to never leave the crossbow cocked for a long period of time, to prolong its life.)

Now, there’s a ton more you can buy that can be cheaper and that can be more expensive.

But remember, customer reviews count more than anything when buying these things.

So, if this sound good to you… “Read Online Crossbow Reviews” here.

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