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By on February 6, 2017

Fire B.O.S.S. Fire starting kit, only $19.99

The Fire B.O.S.S. is the second kit in our series of Bug Out Survival Supplements, a collaboration of Stanford Outdoor Supply and Guns and Gear Network. Anything you might need to start a fire in any condition is contained in this pocket-sized, waterproof package. Make it easy and use the lighter or matches. Feeling up to a challenge? Craft a fire bow and drill from the included Kevlar thread and flange bearing. It’s all up to you! Assembled in the USA.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Lighter
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Ferro Rod and Striker
  • Pocket Fresnel Lens
  • 6 Magnesium Capsules
  • Steel Wool
  • 4 pieces Char Cloth
  • 2 Tealight Candles
  • 1 oz. Fatwood Sticks
  • Foil Paper
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • 6 Tinder Tabs
  • 10′ Jute Twine
  • Waterproof Tinder Ball
  • Wire Saw
  • 6′ Kevlar Thread (for fire bow/drill)
  • 1 Flange Bearing (for fire bow/drill)
  • 1 Folding Knife
  • 1 waterproof survival instruction sheet

Fishing and Hunting Kit, only $19.99

We are happy to announce the first in a product line of task-specific survival kits:The Fishing and Hunting B.O.S.S.- Bug Out Survival Supplement. A collaboration of Stanford Outdoor Supply and Guns and Gear Network, The Fishing and Hunting B.O.S.S. is a comprehensive food gathering kit that blows the currently available kits out of the water. Around 10 oz, and small enough to fit in a cargo pocket, this 127 piece fishing and hunting kit will not just help you to survive, but to thrive! Assembled in the USA.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Yo-yo automatic fishing reel
  • 100 yds. 8-lb test line
  • 20 ft 50-lb test line
  • 2-1.5” foam floats
  • 25 reusable lead weights
  • 30 premium baitholder hooks
  • 4 jig heads
  • 20 swivels
  • 1 6’ nylon stringer
  • 5 artificial lures
  • 5 artificial grubs
  • 5 salmon eggs
  • 1 folding multi-tool
  • 1 slingshot band
  • 6 3/8 slingshot ammo
  • 4 4” zip ties
  • 20 ft snare wire
  • 6 screw eyes
  • 2 L-screws
  • 5 safety pins
  • 1 razor blade
  • 15′ #36 Bank line
  • 1 waterproof survival instruction sheet

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