Rules to Consider When Preparing For Disasters

By on February 20, 2015

By Survival Frog

Preparing for a “doomsday situation” can take quite a bit out of anybody. You have to become comfortable with the idea of being in a very unpredictable situation that could be potentially life threatening. Some folks might not be totally comfortable with the idea, and who can blame them?

The fact is that getting ready for an experience as impacting as doomsday is totally uncomfortable. These are a few rules you should apply that’ll help you ease your mind.

1. Take Time To Prepare Your Mind ­

Preparing your mind for the enormous task of surviving a doomsday scenario is certainly all­-consuming, and you will undoubtedly be putting in a few months (or years!) to make preparations. This should offer you ample time to ingrain these rules in your schedule.

2. Keep Up With The Market ­

Always check daily spot prices. This is particularly relevant when you’re buying small amounts of “real” money, because you could stay informed about changes in the market. It isn’t the only great benefit that practicing this rule can bring. Also, securing access to resources in the event of a “bank run” and having something to barter with would be other benefits that also bring the most favorable outcome.

3. Plan to Eat! ­

Buy seeds and plan your “victory garden”. Also, keep in mind that folks who productively buy seeds for food will generally only buy organic, non­-gmo and heirloom seeds to maximize nutritional value during emergency situations. It is amazing how these straightforward rules could be such a key factor in a bigger goal. When you know the outcome you desire, then you may find it somewhat effortless to incorporate these rules into your disciplined routine. In addition, if you actually decide to only buy organic, non­-gmo and heirloom seeds, then eating clean food during doomsday will benefit you greatly.

4. Get the Ones You Love In The Mix ­

You must consistently keep your focus concentrated on getting family involved. That could cause you to become more focused when you prepare, and this is definitely worth it. This also helps you team up with people you love. Just do “survival” activities together on weekends. This can create opportunities to bond through experiences that might save a life, which will ultimately support each other in tough times.

Those rules should serve you well. When you take time to prepare your mind, home, family and resources you ensure success. When you keep up with financial markets, you understand the value of real currency and paper currency and planning what you will eat once food stops flowing will ease your mind and stomach. Lastly, getting family in the mix engenders cooperation and creates lifelong bonds.

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