Rick Shaw: You Are On Your Own

By on December 3, 2016

Rick left the military service with over 30 years of planning for national emergencies, and responding to emergencies and disasters. It was invaluable experience, but also I learned how we as a society have been lulled into a false sense of security – – to the point that it is scary if you understand:

  • The limits of what government can do;
  • That the government has to think about its own preservation priorities before yours; and
  • What the government can’t or won’t do.

Unlike many others, I refuse to engage in scare tactics to get information out or to make a point. I just like to provide straight talk with the hope that at least one person will take the information to heart and prepare for emergencies, accidents, or disasters – – large or small. I have seven (7) points to share, which I call You Are On Your Own (YOYO Facts)

To check out the 7 points visit Rick Shaw’s blog thinksafesolutions

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