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By on January 8, 2014

Survivalists and preppers need light during different situations they need to have some sort of item that will produce light. For sometime preppers and survivalists have used such items as flashlights and glow sticks. The team over at Uv Paqlite has created a different option. I will be comparing these to the glow sticks that you crack. Because that is something a lot of people have already in there survival kits. There is pros and cons to both. To get started the uv paqlite is overall a better product as once it dies you just have to recharge where as glow sticks are a one time use. Some pros for glow sticks are there cylinder shape allows for there to be less shadows as it emits light from all around. Also if your in a pinch and don’t have the 1-2 minutes to quickly charge the uv paqlite that is where the glow sticks come in handy. Here are some pros for the uv paqlite. First its much larger and has more surface area which allows for more light. The uv paqlite is also more cost effective as it can recharge and it lasts forever. They also both have cons such as once the glow stick in done you have to throw it away. The con for the uv paqlite is that is has to charge and the time can vary depending on the light source your using. Which is not really that big of a deal but if your in a time sensitive situation than it might not work for you. Overall it is a very cool item and it is something that everyone should check out and add it to your survival kit or bug out bag.

Go check out for more information. Special thanks to the guys over at UVPaqlite for sending us a few different pieces to try out. 



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