Review: Ultimate Survival Bracelet & OTF Knife

By on November 29, 2013

I received a ultimate survival bracelet and a OTF knife from unique goods online here is my review of both of them. Enjoy

Approx 20′ Feet 550 Lb Paracord Hidden Composite Hand Cuff Key “Tested And Works Guaranteed!” Built In Water Proof Ferocious Fire Starter “Will Light Thousand Os Times” 2 Fish Hooks W/weights “Sealed Inside Bracelet” 25′ Feet Of Fishing Line “Sealed Inside Bracelet” 20′ Feet Of Brass Snare Wire ” To Trap Small Animals” “Sealed Inside Bracelet” Stainless Steel Tag / Striker/Fishing Lure/Signal Mirror. Manila Twine Tinder Un Ravel All Strands And Make Into A Birds Nest Or Ball. “Lights Right Up With 1 Spark” “Easy To Remove From Bracelet. Just Pull It Out. After You Use It You Can Purchase More From Us Or Local Hardware Store And Re Install On Bracelet. To Order 1 Measure Your Wrist. We Want The Exact Measurement Of Your Wrist. ” We Will Add Extra Length For Perfect Fit.  Choose 1 solid color  or 2 Colors   These Survival Bracelets Are Custom Made To Order Here In The USA. Please Allow A Little Extra Time For Delivery.   



  • Built In Hidden None Metallic Composite Handcuff Key
  • Built In Water Proof Ferrocerium Fire Stater Will Light Thousands Of Times
  • Fishing Hooks, Weights, Fish Lure/Striker/Signal Mirror, Snare Wire Traps,
  • 550Lb 7 Strand Paracord Approximately 20 Feet
  • Stylish Design 1001 Uses Made To Order Here In USA

My Thoughts

I really like the ultimate survival bracelet from Unique Goods Online. This bracelet is a survival kit around your wrist. There are many useful items that are made into this bracelet. Say you find your self in a situation where you need to get some food. This bracelet has fishing line and fishing hooks built into it. Or you need to start a fire, this bracelet has tinder and a fire striker built in. This is an overall great item. Check it out over at

OTF Knife

High Quality Double Action (Shoots In And Out) OTF Automatic Knife For Less Than 100 Bucks. Similar Knives Sell For $400 or More! Blade Shoots In And Out Fast And Locks Up Hard. Knife Includes Glass Breaker Spike, Reversible Pocket Clip, And Ballistic Nylon Sheath.  Overall Lenth approx 8.5″ (Not including glass breaker spike)

My Thoughts

This knife is really cool. I would say this knife is more of a novelty and serves no survival purpose at all. I just don’t really see this knife being the go to knife in a survival situation or when you need to strike a flint. Not that this knife isn’t cool its just not my go to knife for those situations. The coolest feature I would say is the window breaker on the bottom. I see this being the most useful part of this knife. It would be a great fit to keep in the car and if you ever needed to break a window its there. You can check it out over at

OTF breaker


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