Review: The “Breathing” Mobile Washer

By on November 21, 2013

Get the power of a High Efficiency Washer in your hands. In this review I check out the breathing mobile washer.

Product Overview:
– Lightweight and made from durable plastics with a sturdy wooden handle – it will not rust away ever.
– Easy to dismantle and reassemble for packing or stowing – portable washing system!
– Powerful cleaning action – pushes AND pulls waster through the clothing – will actually pull out residual detergent left by electric washers!
– Gentle on fabric, controlled agitation and easy to use
– Sturdy enough for large items (Comforters, Sleeping bags, rugs and blankets)
– Perfect “GREEN” product with less water, detergent and electricity used.

My Thoughts

After assembling the washer you are left with something that looks a little like a plunger. But believe me its much more than that. To start The directions call for 2 minutes but other reviews suggest 100 strokes to get a nice clean wash. So I through in a pair of dirty socks into a 5 gallon bucket added 1 scoop of detergent. I went with the 100 strokes and when I was done I was left with a bucket full of dirty water. I dumped out the dirty water and refilled for a rinse. I was surprised to see that these socks were really white.

The breathing washer company has created a great product, It washes clothes quickly, efficiently and effectively.  I would recommend this product to anybody searching for a better way to get cleaner laundry or add it to your bug out kit and you will have a great way to wash cloths when your in the outdoors.  

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