Review: Talon Knife by Talon Knives

By on January 6, 2014

I received the Talon Knife from Talon Knives a few weeks ago. When you open the box your greeted with a nice setup. You have the talon on top and all the paper work and accessories below. The talon handle is wrapped with gutted 550 paracord and has a very comfortable grip. When ordering your knife there are 5 different sizes and is sized to fit your pointer and middle finger through the handle. When your fingers are in the handle the knife is not going to fall off it is a part of your hands now. The great thing about this knife is it allows you to be hands free and you are still able to do other things. You can operate a firearm or handle a flashlight. Even in reverse grip its feels great and is still hands free. There are multiple carry options for this blade. Here is a list of a few from talons website The blade is less that 2 inches it is 1.75 inches or 45 mm. Has a very nice point and would be a good slicer. The jimping is very nice on this knife as well. The blade is made out of X45CrMoV15 steel. Which means it will be really easy to sharpen. The sheath for this knife is very nice. It is made out of kydex and feels very durable. You get a few accessories with this knife such as a draw string bag, zip ties and a chain to turn it into a neck knife. Talon is located in Canada and this knife is $57 dollars CA which is about $55 dollars US. Go check them out over at


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  1. Craig Roseveare

    January 6, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Why can I not import the Talon neck knife into South Africa ???
    Please let me know?

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