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By on October 7, 2015

The Tactical To Go Double Case is a durable, weather and dust resistant hard case with foam inserts that can protect your gear while traveling to and from the range. The cases help you keep your gear organized and protected and are lightweight enough to allow for easy transportation. The Double Case is great for bringing multiple AR’s to the range as well as handguns, ammo, and other gear. Everything is stored right in the Double Case allowing you to have more fun, without having to lug all of your cases back and forth. The long lasting materials used also allow the cases to be used for long term storage as an emergency case. The outside dimensions of this case are 37.75” x 14” x 18.2”.

The Double AR-15 Hard Storage Case is lockable and able to carry two 16” AR-15 style rifles. The maximum length that can be contained in this case is 32.5”. The gear is securely held in place in patent pending foam inserts. This foam is custom cut MIL-SPEC high density foam that holds everything securely in place. Nothing is loose inside the case, this include ammo and accessories. Everything is neatly stored and easy to find. The snug storage also prevents any of the gear from being scratched or damaged by accessories that may be left bouncing around typical storage cases or bags.

While all of the gear is held securely inside, the integrated handles and built in wheels make transport easy and safe. Just load everything in its place, close and lock the lid, and you are ready to go. 

The two long gun slots that can hold a standard 16” barrel with a collapsible stock. Longer barrels can still be stored but will require the upper and lower receiver to be taken down. There are slots specifically for these with the lower fitting in the smaller of these lower receiver compartments. On top of the long gun slots, the cases also have two pistol slots. These can hold most 1911 style guns and semi compacts. The magazine slots allow for the storage and transport of eight 30 round magazines.


Each case also has four locations for locks. The slots will fit most locks that can be found at local hardware stores. It is recommended that 26-28 mm locks be used.

While the cases are water-resistant when closed and latched and they can sustain a decent amount of rain, dirt, grime and splashing they should not be submerged.

In addition to the case, a Plano Molding 1312 Field Ammo Box is included. This makes it simple to store any ammo in a snug container that fits between the spaces for the rifles. This ammo has outside dimensions of 11.625 x 5.125 x 7.125. Any other ammo box with these dimensions will fit in the space provided but one Plano Field Box will come inside the case when purchased.

The overall carrying capacity of the case is 200 pounds.

These cases can be purchased at Tactical To Go for $189.00 on sale price MSRP 269.99. Tactical To Go has the Double and Single cases in-stock right now.

Tactical To Go specializes in developing rugged, dependable and affordable storage solutions for tactical gear. Their cases make it easy to store or transport AR-15’s, pistols, spare magazines, ammo and gear in wheeled plastic cases with foam interiors.

These cases are developed for the budget conscious consumer. Tactical To Go strives to provide great cases at affordable prices. The high quality, custom cut MIL-SPEC high density foam combines with the hard plastic, lockable case to safely and securely provide storage on a budget.

If a case is defective, Tactical To Go will provide a replacement case free of charge for 1 year after purchase.

They also have great customer service and are there to answer any questions you may have. Their cases are a must have for any gear enthusiast or anyone that wants to be able to bring multiple firearms with them to the range without having to carry multiple cases. The case is very durable and survived many trips to the range. Also the foam is doing great and holding up well. For $189.00 this is a great buy, it allows you to have multiple cases in one, without having to spend the money on each case. 

You can check out Tactical To Go’s website here: Tactical To Go

Check them out on Facebook: Tactical To Go 


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