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By on December 14, 2013

How prepared are you for a survival situation?

You probably have the equipment; the expensive backpack, the medkit, the gore-tex jacket, but does your body have what it needs to keep pushing day after day? The granola bar won’t cut it for the long haul.  When facing the elements with limited supplies, you’re in a survival situation.  If you don’t respect the power of nature, things can go bad quickly.

When the going gets tough, your body and mind need to perform. Whether it’s making a difficult ascent after weeks on the trail, battling the seas in an unexpected storm, on a deployment mission far from base, or surviving a cataclysmic event, being able to push yourself in these trying moments is not possible without consuming an ample protein source during your journey. SurvivAMINO™ consists of nothing but pure, essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein that are necessary to maintain strength and the biochemical systems of your body.

Take care of the most difficult part of the nutritional equation with confidence. Complete protein sources such as meat go bad in hours. Easily storable forms are often an incomplete source of amino acids, are metabolically inefficient, and take up a lot of volume. SurvivAMINO™ is an innovative formula consisting of pure amino acids, taking care of your protein needs in a fraction of the space and weight.

When every ounce counts, bet on SurvivAMINO™.

My Thoughts

Before I started taking SurvivAMINO I felt that it might make me feel different or sluggish. I took SurvivAMINO for 1 week, I replaced my breakfast with SurvivAMINO. I can say that it didn’t make me feel any different and I still felt hungry. I didn’t know what really to expect when starting. I didnt know if it was going to make me full and replace eating or if it wasn’t go to make me feel right. Im sure SurvivAMINO works for getting you the nutritions you need when your in a survival situation and food is scarce. There have been other reviews where they have stated that it has worked. I would have to say that the outcome is most likely different person to person. By having this in your bug out bag you at least wont have to worry about starving.

If you would like to check out SurvivAMINO you can so here 


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