Review: SolarBag By Puralytics

By on January 12, 2014

Check out this cool product from the guys over at puralytics. They have created a solar bag that uses the sun to clean your water. This is the worlds first sunlight activated reusable water purifier. This is a great item to bring with on camping trips or hiking adventures. The solar bag meets EPA Guidelines for microbiologial water purifier’s pathogen reductions. Here is the specifics on what it filters. Bacteria: 99.9999-Percent, Viruses:99.99-Percent Protozoa (cryptosporidium, giardia): 99.9-Percent . The solar bag is able to be used over and over. It offers no clogging, no chemicals, no pumping, BPA free, 3 liter capacity and 5 year shelf life. To use, fill the SolarBag using the supplied pre-filter with water and place in an area open to the sky. Wait 2-3 hours on a sunny day and 4-6 hours on a cloudy day or if source water is tea-colored. In addition to treating pathogens, the SolarBag also treats heavy metals, pesticides, petrochemicals. Water is an essential part of a survival kit with out it your not going to survive for any period of time. This is a great product, it uses the sun one of the largest and free energy sources we have access to and uses it to filter and clean water. I think this is a revolutionary product and its really cool. Go check the guys out over at and go pick up one of these bags for yourself. You never know when you might need it. 

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