Review: Ridge Runner Belts Paracord Belt

By on February 28, 2014

If your into paracord then this next product might be of interest. Our friends at Ridge Runner Belts create some really great and useful items out of paracord. I received one of their belts a few weeks ago. Bill Watson, owner of Ridge Runner Belts makes all the products himself in his shop in West Virginia. The quality of the belt is impressive. The weave was tight the whole belt looked great. Depending on the size you get each belt has around 50 feet of paracord. The belt I received was really sturdy and was strong enough to carry a a large knife sheath. This is a great addition to a EDC and knowing that you have a extra 50 feet of paracord is nice. All paracord belts are only $33 plus shipping. Ridge Runner also makes bracelets, rifle slings and dog leashes. Make sure to check Bill out over at Ridge Runner and order one of these amazing belts. Check them out here


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