Review: Pelican 1610 Case

By on October 3, 2014

A reliable case is what every trusty tool needs. Cases are best for keeping tools secure as well as easily carry them around for different project. One reliable case to use is the Pelican 1610 case. The Pelican 1610 case is a large case mainly made from polypropylene. It can be used to store tools as well as other important items that need extra care and security.

Pelican 1610 Case Specs

  • The case has a retractable and extendable handle. It also has fold down handles.

  • It has wheels, which are made from strong polyurethane with bearings made from stainless steel.

  • Its double throw latches are easy open types and the case has an O-ring seal for better security.

  • It also has an equalization valve with automatic pressure feature.

  • For added security, the case has a stainless steel-made hardware as well as padlock protectors.

What is best about the Pelican 1610 Case?

  • They have a nameplate service option to allow you to have personalized nameplates for the case.

  • Their guarantee of excellence is lifetime.

  • The whole case is watertight, dust proof, and crushproof as tested by both experts and users.

Is it a great buy?

As a case that offers the security of the items in it, the Pelican 1610 Case is a great buy. Aside from the security it gives, you can also be assured that the case will not easily break externally or internally. It is also available in three different colors such as black, green, and off white. Check out our friends over at LA Police Gear


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