Review: Outdoor Products Arrowhead 8.0 Pack

By on January 24, 2014

If your looking for a framed backpack, Check out the Arrowhead 8.0 by Outdoor Products. It has a internal frame with nice padded shoulder straps. It is made from a waterproof material to keep your gear dry and It has a decent amount of storage space that can carry around 35-40 pounds comfortably. It also has a built in sleeve to house a bladder for a water hydration system. It has a great handle on the front of the pack to help carry the bag if you don’t wish to carry it on your back. The handle looks and feels very sturdy and well stitched. One of the things I liked about this bag is that it is very rugged and distributes weight well, The waist strap makes it easier to carry for longer periods of time. This bag also features the cool mesh back to allow more comfortability. Also this bag comes with compression straps to help compress this bag for space saving storage. You can get this back at and it is only $45.  


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