Review: OrginalBos “Drink Coolers With A Cause”

By on March 1, 2014

The idea behind OrginalBos product – Balls of Steel, Is in support of a good cause. With the saying “Drink coolers with a cause” you can now chill your whiskey while doing something good. The concept behind Balls of Steel is to chill your whiskey instead of using ice cubes, which often dilutes your whiskey. Balls of Steel are placed in the freezer for a period of time and than added to your whiskey. Similar to whiskey stones, except for the fact these are spherical. These are also crafted out of a high-grade stainless steel that prevents them from picking up freezer odors and making them really easy to clean.

Now for the cause

OriginalBos donates “15% of ALL profits directly towards testicular cancer research and testicular cancer communities”.


Pros: Balls of Steel actually chilled my whiskey nicely, I really like them, and helped a great cause.

Cons: Could chip glass, Have to be removed and cleaned, Re-Chilling if you drink a lot.

Still a great item supporting a great cause.

You can check them out and learn more over at



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