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By on March 4, 2018

We recently got the chance to work with OPSol Texas, the makers of the original OPSol Mini-Clip™. They sent us out their Mini-Clip so that we could check it out, and let our readers know what we thought about it.


The OPSol Mini-Clip™ was designed to give “well-seasoned” and “recoil sensitive” shooters the capability of shooting the trusty Mossberg 12ga platform without the usual recoil response. By using The OPSol Mini-Clip™ in conjunction with 1.75” shotgun shells, shooters stay in the game without all of the pain.

Allows use of 12ga 1.75” Birdshot, Buckshot, and Slug shells

Fits: 12ga Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and Maverick 88 models

Below are some points about the OPSol Mini-Clip:

  • Use with Aguila Birdshot, Buckshot and Slug offerings in Mossberg 12ga 500, 590 and Maverick 88 models.
  • Easily installs and uninstalls in seconds to allow use of 1.75″, 2.75″ or 3″ shells as desired by the user
  • Practice with less expensive Aguila birdshot as the recoil response vs. Aguila buckshot is slight
  • Low recoil of buckshot allows for safe, easy and comfortable aiming and discharge with pistol grip configurations (with proper grip/face clearance, of course). Not confined to hip and laser shooting
  • Mini-Clip stays in well but may want to tape it with electrical or Gorilla tape for close contact or heavy foliage environment applications

The Mini-Clip is great. We didn’t have any malfunctions while running it. And if you own any of the 12ga Mossberg Shotguns, the Mini-Clip is a must.

OPSol informed us that there are many counterfeits of their original product out there. It is best to avoid sellers on such platforms as “Amazon.” Check out the sources to purchase from on their website, to make sure you are getting a high quality and genuine product.

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