Review: Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston v2

By on November 22, 2013

The Vulcan is precision CNC machined from an aluminum alloy and has an ultra tough hard anodized type III coating (ember orange or granite gray) to protect it from scratches and general wear. The body has generous amounts of knurling to ensure that the fire piston stays in your hand securely, even when using gloves. The top of the fire piston features a removable cap that allows access to a watertight storage capsule, perfect for keeping your tinder or other small items safe and dry. The bottom cap of the tube is also removable, which allows you to be able to clean the tube when tinder and lubrication builds up as well as keeping the piston securely in place when not in use.

How it works

Similar to a diesel engine, a fire piston works by rapidly compressing air and igniting a small piece of tinder held in place in the tinder notch. An ember is created instead of a flame, so relatively advanced fire starting skills are needed to take advantage of the ember once created. In order to properly use the fire piston, easily ignitable tinder such as char cloth or true tinder fungus is required.

The Vulcan works best when the piston and tube are both clean and free of debris.  A minimal amount of the included lubricant will help the piston travel freely in the tube.  Most lubricants like petroleum jelly or silicone gel can be used when the included lubricant is used up or lost.


  • Aluminum alloy construction

  • Hard anodized type III coating (ember orange or granite gray)

  • O-ring sealed watertight tinder capsule

  • O-ring sealed tube cap

  • Double piston o-rings

  • Square threads for long life and reliable use

  • One piece when not in use

  • Removable tube cap for easy cleaning and storage

  • Imported

Included Items

  • Vulcan Fire Piston

  • Zippered plastic storage pouch

  • Instructions

  • Spare o-rings

  • Lubrication

My Thoughts

I have to say I really like the vulcan fire piston. It creates a ember almost every time. Throw some char cloth it there and your good to go. What I really like about it is there is a release screw on the bottom that you can unscrew and it will allow the piston to slide back in and sit flush in the chamber. The build quality is awesome on this piston. It is built from strong aluminum alloy and feels really durable. If your looking to buy a fire piston this is a must. Its only 39.95 over at and they have it available in 2 colors ember orange and granite gray.   

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