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By on October 1, 2014

People who chew tobacco have the need to spit. However, not everyone is comfortable spitting in beer cans or plastic caps and it is certainly not nice Or Legal to just spit anywhere you want. This is the main reason why Mud Jugs were developed.

Mud Jugs: Portable Spittoons

Mud Jugs are portable spittoons for tobacco spit. Basically, it is a jug that is designed to catch tobacco spit. With Mud Jug, you not only help in cleaning the environment, but you also help others by not mistaken your spitter as a beverage.

Mud Jugs Features

Mud Jugs is not just your ordinary spittoon. It also has great features that make it special and unique.

  • It is spill resistant.

With Mud Jug, you will never fear of spilling your spit all over the new carpet or all over someone.

  • It comes with cool designs.

Mud Jugs come in great and unique designs that can be suitable for both male and females.

  • It is not showing any of the contents of the jug.

You will also never be embarrassed using it in front of others since other people will not see its content.

  • Mud Jugs are made durable.

Mud Jugs are very durable. Each one of them is made using high intensity materials based on ABS.

Is it a must-buy?

If you need to spit often, then, “Yes” Spitting just never got cooler with your own portable spittoon. It comes with cool designs and it is spill resistant. You can use it for a long time since it is very durable and the price. It is very affordable. You can even take advantage of their Buy 3, get 1 free promo. Check out our friends over at Mugjug

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