Review: LighterBro turns everyday Bic into a multi tool

By on January 29, 2014

What do you get when you take a basic Bic lighter and then surround it with a killer multi tool ? Simple you get a bad ass creation called Lighterbro. Sometimes you can’t carry multiple pieces of gear on you at once, Thats where multi tools come in. The one thing a multi tool lacks is a flame, The guys over at LighterBro have just solved this problem they have created the LighterBro. The LighterBro is a steel case that slides over a standard Bic style lighter. It is a snug fit so there is no wiggle room at all. The case features 4 tools, The first one is a scissors, These scissors are very nice they are spring loaded and feel very solid, They even cut in a straight line without any issues. The second tool is a phillips screwdriver. This phillips is a small triple 0 size, it has a very fine tip and is about 2 inches long. This is a screwdriver you would use to fix eyeglasses or anything else that has a very small screw. The third tool which is what I think is the most important is a blade. This blade is a straight edged and comes razor sharp, The blade is made out of 420 steel which is a very easy steel to sharpen. The last tool is a bottle opener just in case you want to enjoy a nice cold one after a long day in the outdoors or running from zombies. All these tools are good quality and they all look and feel very solid. Clearly this isn’t going to be your “Go To” multi tool in a serious survival situation, However I can see this being a useful tool and a great addition to a EDC or day pack. It also has a keyring that allows you to attach it to your keys. LighterBro is having a sale on them currently and they are available for $10 and that includes free shipping. Check them out here www.lighterbro.comlighterbro-silver-open-600x600lighterbro-gold-open-600x600

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