Review: Life Straw Go Bottle

By on October 3, 2014

Purified water can now be easily attained even when you are on the go. This was made possible by Vestergaard’s Life Straw Go Bottle. The Life Straw Go Bottle offers purified water that is safe for drinking for people who are always on the go. This Go Bottle incorporates the unique and award-winning technology of the life straw. It is so effective in purifying water that you can actually scoop some water on any pond or river, screw the bottle’s lid on, and you can sip clean drinking water through its mouthpiece – instantly!

Life Straw Go Bottle Features and Specifications

Life Straw Go Bottle is proud of its unique features that include the bottle’s flip-top valve, water bottle that is BPA free, and a cool lanyard that can easily attach the Go Bottle to your bags and backpacks. Aside from that, it also effectively removes bacteria and parasites from the contaminated water as well as removes the water’s turbidity even before reaching your mouth.

In detail, the Life Straw Go Bottle can filter up to about 264 gallons or 1000 liters of water. It can confidently remove 99.99% of waterborne bacteria as well as 99.9% of protozoan parasites that are also waterborne. The water’s turbidity is also removed through its 0.2 micron filtering system and best of all, the bottle is lightweight!

Is it a must-buy?

It certainly is! The Life Straw Go Bottle is a necessity. You can never be too sure about the water’s cleanliness nowadays. Moreover, the item is lightweight and can be your lifesaver whenever you go trekking or camping. When you need to Bug-out fast or have been on the run from zombies, Fast Purified and safe drinking water will never be out of reach with the Life Straw Go Bottle. Check out our friends over at LA Police Gear


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