Review: LGCY Decor Charred and Carved Wood American Flag

By on April 9, 2018

We recently got the chance to work with Nick from LGCY Décor. LGCY is located in Lake Tahoe California. LGCY is a one-man show, Nick himself handcrafts Charred and Carved Wood American Flags. Each flag is hand carved, there is no CNC used to carve all 50 stars Nick does it by hand.

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Not only does Nick make some high-quality art pieces, but he also has a great story as well. A little background on Nick is that he was in Grad school, he lost the appeal and it was stressful for his family, Nick dropped out and went back to what he enjoyed and that was working with his hands and restoring anything he could find. He stumbled on his Flag design; he created this very impressive vintage American Flag and he got into wood burning and staining. Once he posted it on Social Media and was able to grow a little following he decided to pursue it, And that is how LGCY Décor was born.

This is some very high-end woodwork. It is truly an art piece, and it is made right here in the USA. Nick offers a variety of wooden flags. He has American Flags, State Flags, Service Ribbons. He also offers Thin Blue and Red flags for Police and Firefighters.

His flags are truly amazing. The amount of time, effort, and energy that Nick puts into each flag is outstanding. Now, these flags are not going to be for everyone. Nick’s flags range from $200.00 for the Service Ribbons to $400 – $600 depending on the size of flag you are looking for. Now, to be honest, I think it is worth it 100%. You can see the hard work, and time that goes into these flags, and they are AWESOME!


If you are in the market for some breath-taking décor for your home and have been thinking of getting one of the wooden flags you have to check out Nick at LGCY. The photos don’t even do the flag justice. His flags are genuinely amazing, and with them being hand carved they are each one of a kind, Not to mention it came shipped in a very sturdy box and the flag was wrapped in a very nice burlap sack, and man did it smell amazing when it was unboxed.


This is defiantly a must check out. Please send Nick with LGCY Décor some love. Check out his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out their website here:

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