Review: Ka-Bar LDK Last Ditch Knife

By on January 28, 2014

When your in a last ditch effort to save your life in a defensive situation your going to need a good blade, The Ka-Bar TDI LDK is a great defensive choice. The blade length is 1.5 inches with the overall length being about 3.7 so it is just a little bigger than a credit card. With this knife being so small it can be carried pretty much anywhere. Our favorite was laced directly onto the boot, However you can use as a neck knife or even under a tactical vest strap. With this being a defensive style knife you want to place this somewhere will you can get to it and be able to pull it out fast. This is a very solid knife but it is not meant to be used in every day situations. It has a very fine point on it and I’m sure if you used it for everyday tasks you would most likely snap it off. When you have the knife is your hand you will find that there is a little jimping along the back spine of the knife for your thumb, As well as a little jimping on the bottom for added grip. The sheath is very nice as well and the knife snaps tightly into the sheath so you do not have to worry about it falling out. This knife is available from LA Police Gear for only 13.95

Check with your states law about information on owning defensive knifes. 


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