Review: Journey Bar – Savory Nutrition Bar

By on January 13, 2015

Journey Bar offers a delightful array of nutrition bars that come in various flavors that you will surely love. These flavors include Sesame Ginger, Rosemary, Pizza Marinara, Coconut Curry, and Sea Salt.

What makes the savory bars of Journey Bar healthy are the following features:

  • Contains Vitamin A
  • Contains Calcium, Iron, and Protein
  • No Trans-fat and cholesterol
  • Made from gluten-free oats

Sesame Ginger

This flavor is inspired by Japan’s healthy cuisines. It is composed of toasted sesame that is mixed with whole grains to extract a warm yet mild flavor. It also has a slight hint of ginger for added freshness.

This sesame ginger is very delicious yet it may not be suitable for people who are allergic to sesame seeds and almonds, other than that it is a must-try!


The Rosemary flavor of Journey Bar is inspired from one of the usual spices added in sumptuous French cuisine. This nutrition bar has an earthy aroma that will surely calm your senses.

Therefore, if you like French cuisines, the Rosemary Journey Bar may remind you of how luxurious their meals are. However, if you are allergic to nuts such as almonds, the Rosemary savory bar may not be for you.

Pizza Marinara

The Pizza Marinara Journey Bar was inspired from one of the famous pies in Italy – the pizza! Pizza is an all-time favorite around the world, which is one reason why Journey Bar added this flavor to its lineup of nutrition savory bars. In the making of this bar, Journey bar has used an authentic blend of herbs and tomatoes for the genuine pizza taste. But, the good thing is, this one has no cheese and it is a very healthy pizza flavor in your nutrition bar. This also contains Vitamin C!

If you are allergic to almonds, this may not be a good flavor to you. But other than that, this will quickly become your favorite because of the lovely pizza flavor.

Coconut Curry

Missing the Thai flavors? Then, you can settle for the Coconut Curry of Journey Bar. This is made with a real coconut flakes and some Thai spices.

This nutrition bar may contain almonds and coconut, which may not be suited for other people.

Sea Salt

The Sea Salt flavor is one flavor that represents that global taste. It has an allusion of sea salt flavor that brings out the true and natural flavors of whole grain and almonds.

It may contain almonds and other nuts, but other than that, it is a great flavor to try. So in conclusion, load the bug out bag and check out our friends at


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