Review: Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky – Barbecue

By on June 17, 2014

Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky launched in 2012. They are based out of Hermosa Beach, CA. They sent us over a few flavors of their jerky to try, and write up a review and share it with you guys. The first flavor we tried was the Barbecue Beef Jerky.

The Barbecue Beef Jerky, is described on their website as “St. Louis style sweet and sticky with the vinegar-based flavors of a Carolina BBQ.”

Ingredients Include

Beef (top round), reduced sodium soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, vinegar, worcestershire, BBQ sauce, seasonings, smoke flavor added.


When you first taste the jerky you get a nice sweetness mixed with a ginger flavor. When chewing you it really brings out the barbecue flavor and has a slight tangy from the vinegar. Its not a spicy barbecue flavor its a nice mild taste with a touch of smokiness. The jerky itself is really tender and flexible and chewing is fairly easy.


Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky sells this Barbecue beef jerky from its website at a price of $17.97 for 3-pack of 2.5oz packages.

Final Thoughts

The Barbecue beef jerky from Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky is a must try, its a great barbecue flavor not overwhelming or bold. Its got a nice mild flavor and the tenderness of the jerky is a plus.

Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky has created a coupon for you guys. Check them out and use the code OUTLIVE10 for 10% off when ordering. The code is good until September 30th.

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