Review: iTaste MVP 2.0

By on June 18, 2014

This review is for all the smokers out there that are wondering what they are going to do during a zombie apocalypse if they can’t find cigarettes. The guys over at innokin have come up with the MVP 2.0 e cig. One of the things I personally like about this is that is doubles as a power source to charge your mobile devices or phone while your on the go. Perfect for a survival situation. The MVP 2.0 features three different types of threads on its cartomizer connector. It features a classic eGO connector which includes both 510 and eGo cone threads. Here is some of the pros and cons about the MVP 2.0.


Solid Build

Can be used as external power

Long Battery Life

Universal eGo Connector


I have found that the beauty ring can interfere with some tanks. 

Overall the MVP 2.0 is a must check out for anyone looks for an alternative for cigarettes as well as a charging device for your electronics. So go check out our friends. Check them out over at


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