Review: Hidden Hybrid Holsters (Glock 36 Holster)

By on March 1, 2014

Hidden Hybrid Holsters have some really great holsters and they support a wide range of guns as well. HHH sent us a Hybrid Holster for the Glock 36 to check out and do a review of. The first thing I can say about these holsters is I Love the price. HHH is selling there holsters for only $59.95, Which is a great price for a Kydex and Leather combo considering the $60 price tag is common with just kydex holsters alone, So to find a hybrid at that price is a great deal. This holster comes as a concealment to be worn inside the waste band. This holster can also be worn on the outside if you take the clips off and just use the belt holes. The leather is really nice, and flexible. The back of the holster is covered in a nice suede lining and is very comfortable against the skin. Another great thing about this holster is that the tension on your gun in adjustable to your liking. If you like a little more tension holding your gun you can tighten down 2 screws with you gun placed inside to find your right fitting. A lot of holsters I have seen on the market don’t really offer this. This is a really great holster, and for the money it is a must buy. Check them out


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