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By on January 20, 2015

Hexmag is a fairly new company, they have been around for about two years now. They are a company out of Colorado that make AR-15 magazines. Their magazines feature a patent pending hexagon-pattern that looks great but also acts as a good grip. Hexmags are very lightweight, they are made out of reinforced polymer.


Their magazines feature a Anti Tilt follower and a Heat Treated Stainless Steel Spring, and with their springs being heat treated there is going to be no corrosion. When loading these magazines we found that it was very smooth, we had no issues. There was no warping or binding everything looked and felt great. Another great thing about Hexmag is their HexID color Identification System. There is no more need for painting or taping your mags. Their HexID gives you great customization as well as a Identification System you can use if you will be keeping different calibers loaded in different magazines Other then Hex Orange they offer 6 other colors. Zombie Green, Lava Red, Panther Pink, Blackout, Hazard Yellow, Nimbus Blue. Their HexID system uses a tool free design, no more tools, or bullet tips to change the color of your magazine.

Hexmags can be easily found online, they are also available from dealers in your area. They have a dealer locator on their website that you can check out and find out where the closest dealer you can pick them up at.


If you check out their list of online dealers there is a nice selection. MSRP on these magazines is $14.99 but I have found them on some of the online dealers for as low as $11.99. Its priced pretty competitively with some of the other magazines out there.


Customizable – Their HexID system is awesome, you defiantly won’t get your mags mixed up anymore

Lightweight – They are in fact lightweight, Hexmag states that using their special polymer makes them the lightest AR magazine out there.

Durability – The magazines are very durable. We have found no issues with ours so far.

Affordable – $11.99 for a new magazine that is also customizable is a great deal.

True Riser – For those of you who cannot own standard capacity (30 round) magazines. Hexmag has developed the true riser and now offer 10 and 15 round magazines.

Warranty – How can you beat a Lifetime Warranty


We have not found any we can report on at this time

Other than the fact that we don’t have a local dealer close by so we can stock up, we have yet to find anything negative about the Hexmag.

In our initial test we ran 300+ rounds through two mags and have had no issues. If you have $11.99 you can spare I highly suggest you go and pick up one of these Hexmags. Hexmags are available in Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and OD Green.


These magazines are great and a must have for your stockpile. With a great price, custombility options and lightweight they are worth checking out. Hexmag also offers a lifetime warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship. If the magzines no longer meets your expectations, Hexmag will replace or repair it without charge to the original owner. This warranty does not cover failures resulting from accidents, misuse, or improper care.

5.56 x 45 / .223 Remington, 300ACC Blackout approved

National Tactical Officers Association tested and approved. NTOA

MSRP $14.99

Check out Hexmag


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  1. Evil Rifle Project

    February 23, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Great write up boss. I just picked up a couple of these mags and so far love em. I’ve been feeding mine 5.56 and .300blk. I really like the color identification system hexmag uses. It takes any guesswork out of the which mag has which caliber inside. I have no complaints so far and have been recommending them to all my buddies. I’m a huge PMAG fan and have been using the hexmags a lot more in the last couple weeks.

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