Review: Hedgehog Leatherworks Custom Ka-Bar Sheath

By on June 16, 2014

If you have been looking for a sheath for your knife, Paul and his team over at Hedgehog Leatherworks hand-makes some of the nicest leather sheaths I have seen. When you first get the sheath it comes wrapped in a nice cloth with some twine wrapped around it. Both of these items are great for using in a survival situation, the cloth can be used to make some char cloth. as well as the twine can be used to start fires. The craftsmanship that goes into making these sheaths is amazing and second to none. The sheaths are custom and are made one at a time so you know some serious detail goes into each one. I have to mention that the studs they use to secure the fire steel and the pocket flap are really sturdy. You don’t have to worry about losing anything. Right now they offer these sheaths for a select few knifes. The one that I got was for the Ka-Bar classic and was the full combo kit. This included the fire steel and the multi purpose pocket. The multi purpose pocket is a great add on and you can use it to carry a small medical kit or a fire starting kit. Paul offers a 25 year warranty on all of his sheaths that means if some of the stitching ever comes lose just contact the guys and they will get you taken care of. Paul has a Facebook page over at

IMG_7240 IMG_7238

The pricing on these sheaths range from which knife your wanted to get it for. But for the Ka-Bar the basic model with no upgrades is $139.99. The price with upgrades which includes the fire steel and the multi purpose pocket is $250.00. It is more than worth it for what you’re getting.

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