Review: Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife

By on October 15, 2013

Gerber has made the attempt to upgrade the original ultimate knife while keeping the price reasonable. The ultimate pro is a fine edged knife. The ultimate pro has a  fixed 4.8in blade. The ultimate pro is very similar in size to the original Bear Grylls Ultimate survival knife. The ultimate pro knife is more of a survival package than just a knife. It pro comes with a newly designed sheath. The pro has a easy to use sharpener. It comes with a fire stater rod and an integrated lanyard whistle. It also includes the Bear Grylls pocket survival guide. 


Lets talk about the blade

The pro is made out of 9Cr19MoV high carbon, stainless steel which is a nice upgrade from the Original Knife that is made out of 7Cr17MoV. The pro featured a full tang where is its original brother featured only a 3/4 tang. The ultimate pro has a 100% fine edge blade (no serrations ). 

The Handle

The handle looks to be made out of two rugged polymer slabs that are secured to the knife using these 4 star or torque bolts and two permanent metal insets that are inside the two lashing holes at the top of the grip.

The Sheath

The handle strap with a Velcro-like closure system to keep the knife tight against the sheath when not in use. It has a hole in the knife compartment to allow water to drain through. Just in case you wanted to take it for a swim.

Final Review

This is a great knife for anyone thats going to be chopping down wood or splitting logs or just wants a great built knife that stays sharp. 

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