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By on March 4, 2014

With all the different wallets on the market today it can be hard to pick a good one. I personally like wallets with a slim profile but also holds everything I need. The guys over at FlowFold have figured this out. FlowFold’s wallets are not made out of leather, Instead theirs is made of a sailcloth material. Sailcloth is a great material to make wallets out of it is very thin, durable, and very lightweight and best of all its water resistant. The best thing about this wallet is how thin it is, These wallets are actually so thin and lightweight enough that FlowFold ships them to you in a standard letter sized envelope. The quality of the wallet is very good, All of the edges are finished with heavy duty nylon ribbon. I would personally buy the wallet just because of how thin it is, however the fact that it looks so cool is a plus. Knowing that it is very durable and water resistant is a great bonus as well. The FlowFlow Billfold is a great addition to anyone’s EDC.

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