Review: Flipside 3X Wallet

By on April 24, 2014

Let me start off by saying, This is one of the best wallets that I have ever owned. The Flipside Wallet 3X is not your normal wallet, it has a sweet spring loaded locking mechanism that provides security, As well as it blocks RFID ( radio frequency identification). This wallet is made of hard plastic, It looks and feels very sturdy. When you first open the wallet you are greeted with the first 2 sections that hold 6 cards 3 in each section these sections are RFID shielded. What that means is that people are not going to be able to steal your credit card information. With out this people can actually steal your credit card information just by standing right next to you if they had the right device. The RFID shielding is a awesome feature on this wallet. There is a tab inside the wallet that opens up 2 other sections, These are not RFID Shielded. You are able to hold 1 card, and then there is a clip for cash and can hold up to 12 bills. The sections allow for easy slide in and out for your cards. The wallet is thin and light. What I really like about this wallet is that it only allows you to carry what you need. In the Flipside 3X I have found that you can up to 8-9 cards plus cash. Thats not bad for a wallet that keeps everything compact, safe and secure. At only $40 bucks I highly recommend picking one of these up today. Check out Flipside over at



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