Review: Etlines Custom Pocket Knives

By on December 27, 2013

Here is my review of some knives from Etlines’s. I received a 3 inch knife model f120 and a 4 inch knife model f142. There are a lot of great things to say about these knifes. First thing is that they are custom made knives from Finland and are very affordable. Prices range from 38-41 dollars based on which size knife your looking to buy. Shipping is affordable as well shipping is 4.99 for 1 knife if you order more than 1 its free shipping.

About the Knife

The blade of the knife is made from 256 Layer Real Damascus Non Stainless. This means that the blade is not going to be brittle. They also come really sharp. With these knives shipping from Finland there is a chance that the blades could get rusty along the way. But thankfully Etlines’s ships all there knifes soaked in oil. The handles are made from Exotic materials. The two I received are ram horn. They also offer camel bone and buffalo horn. These knives are very useable knifes even though they are of a smaller size. These knives are also very unique in the material the handle is made out of as well as the Damascus pattern on the blade wont be the same.

3-7-inch-pocket-knife-ram-horn-handle-37 copy 4-inch-pocket-knife-ram-horn-handle-109 copy

About the sheath


The sheaths are made out of a nice supple leather. They are really soft. Also if you order the 4in knives I believe they come with the neck holder. I know the 4in knife I received did.

If your interested in checking out these really great knifes you can find them at

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