Review: Bleeding Target By Zombie Industries

By on January 9, 2014

Have you ever wanted to have the chance to blow the brains out of a zombie. The guys over at zombie industries have created life size zombie targets that bleed when you shoot them. The zombie target features a hard plastic surface that has the design of the zombie on it. Than a layer of paintballs that serve as the blood. These zombie targets can be shot more than 1,000 times and incase you don’t finish them off in one day they are reusable. They are also biodegradable so when your done blowing them to bits you don’t have to pick up the mess. The box the zombie target ships in includes a printed target that serves as a pretty cool target as well. It also comes with a wood stake to help mount the zombie target when you want to shoot it. They also have holes in the back that allows for you to place exploding targets in them. Great way to finish them off after a day of shooting. These great targets are also made in the USA. This is definitely something worth checking out and is only available for 89.95. Go check them out over at and help destroy the undead.

We would like to thank Zombie Industries for sending along the “Chris” Bleed Zombie Target for testing and review. 

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